The first edition to the evolving SCOCO Sustainability Center:

I'm creating "The Kate and Elmer Olsen Library of Sustainability" at the SCOCO office. I am contributing my collection of gardening and related books. I invite you to donate appropriate books, too. We have a set of bookshelves at the office to use (as a start). To donate, call me at 925-372-8486 or drop me a note at

Who'd like to inventory the books and set up a loan system? 

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okay I have a signed copy of living with Ed I will donate lol
I think naming it after Kate and Elmer is a wonderful idea!
I'm pleased to report that the Kate and Elmer Olsen Library is now stocked with an array of books on Gardening, Composting, Herbs, Beekeeping, and Worm Culture. As we begin to use the office more often, our library will become more accessible.


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