Did you know that if you install a solar system, your cost of electricity from solar will be about one-half of the cost from your power company? And if you have a larger house with higher usage, solar cost can be one-third of what you are currently paying. Plus, your solar electricity costs will stay fixed, while electric utility rates keep going up each year.  So key takeaway: you will pay way less with solar.

But, you say, you like paying those big electricity bills, and like that the rates keep going up. Well than, did you know that solar panels are one of mankind’s greatest clean energy inventions to date? An average sized residential system of 5 kilowatt hours will save approximately 15,000 pounds of carbon emissions per year – and they will keep working and saving for decades. In comparison, the average car emits about 10,000 pounds of CO2 per year. So, if you really want to contribute to a clean air, healthy planet future, get a solar system large enough to power your home and an electric car. These two investments will bring your carbon footprint way way down! Oh, and you will feel great, saving money, saving the planet and driving for free!


The author installed solar on his house last year. The installation was easy since the solar installation company handled everything from permits to installation. Now our electric meter is running backwards, and we are shopping for an electric car!

For some, solar is not an option because trees around the house shade the roof. In such cases, or if you just don’t want panels on the roof, many electric utilities offer 100% renewable clean energy plans. If you live in an area served by MCE, they have a 100% renewable plan that is only $1 cent per kilowatt hour more than standard rates.  So, for only on average $2 per month, you can save 15,000 pounds of CO2 per year.  Small price for a big difference.


Cool News:  Did you know that the State of California recently established a new law that requires all new homes built in the State to have solar panels starting in two years?  This is another good step towards California’s goal of getting 50% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030!

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