Have you taken the Cleaner Contra Costa Challenge with your household yet? Whether you haven't created an account yet, or haven't logged in for a while, check out the Challenge for sustainable actions you can take this April! 
Small actions in the home can make a big difference--40% of our greenhouse gas emissions in the United States come from basic household activities. Join your friends, neighbors, and colleagues for the Spring Cleaner Contra Costa Challenge, now through April 30th. Save money in your home, reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, and win prizes! 
It's easy to earn prizes by participating in the Challenge. If you complete one action, you can claim a free yard of beautiful mulch for your garden from EcoMulch. You can also enter drawings for bigger prizes, like gift cards to Ace Hardware and Rivertown Sweets or compost bins for your backyard. Visit our Challenge prize page for all the details and instructions. 
Take easy Actions like Make a Meal Plan or Buy Local, Buy Organic to reduce your food waste and support local merchants. Reducing food and household waste can have a big impact--and nobody likes wasting delicious food or their hard-earned money! Or, find water-saving tips to Take Shorter Showers or Water Plants Just Enough. If you're looking for other actions that can increase home efficiency and comfort, check out Install Smart Thermostat and Insulate Floors and Walls. With the warmer months around the corner, it's imperative to keep your home insulated and cool. To learn how to save energy and money, check out our upcoming BayREN Energy Efficiency Workshop. BayREN can connect you with contractors experienced in energy efficiency updates and allow you to access rebates up to $5,000. 
Sign in to the Challenge to find a huge range of local resources at your fingertips, such as events, credits, and rebates. For example, you can replace your lawn with water-wise plants and receive a rebate of up to $1000 from CCWD. Another great resource is Choose Green Electricity. This action allows you to power your home with 100% renewable energy from your electricity provider--without installing solar panels. Joining many residents of Contra Costa County, Pleasant Hill residents now have the option to choose 100% Deep Green from MCE
Check out the Actions page to find options that work for your household! Whether you have half an hour or a few weeks, you can take action with others in your community. Visit the My Region page to see the progress others have made in your City, or start a Team to have a bigger impact. 

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