Did you know that a 4-mile car commute produces 15 pounds of pollutants into the air we breathe? The emissions associated with driving are just one of the reasons why we encourage you to leave your car at home one day a week! 
Alternatives to driving by yourself to work or errands include biking, taking the bus or other public transportation, walking, and carpooling. 
May is an especially great month to start biking more, because May 12 is Bike to Work Day! Over 40 energizer stations will be set up on popular bike commuting trails in Contra Costa that day with snacks, prizes and other bike resources. 
A few benefits of replacing driving with biking:
  • Improves your health and fitness - the average person loses 13 pounds in their first year of bike commuting!
  • Increase productivity - Employees who bike commute take 15% less sick days.
  • Saves you money - only a fraction of the annual cost of owning a car.
  • Keeps our air clean - zero emissions!
  • It's fun!
Check out the Bike Mapper tool to find the shortest, flatest, and/or fastest bike route, and the Sierra Club's Guide to Becoming a Bike Commuter!

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