This August, get to know your home's energy usage by completing a Home Energy Audit! Make sure to check out (pun intended) the BayREN Home Energy Efficiency Toolkit available at any County library branch and find out how to increase your energy efficiency at home. This kit contains an electric use meter to test home electric appliances and thermometers to test refrigerator/freezer and room temperatures. The infrared thermometer allows testing of hot/cold spots at a distance with a laser target.

Get to know your house:


Home Energy Checkup: Head over to the Cleaner Contra Costa Challenge and complete the Home Energy Checkup Action.  This is an easy way to learn how you can save energy and money and create a cozier and healthier home!  Home Energy Checkups provide a custom assessment of your home to identify the best options for improving your home’s energy use and air quality. According to the Department of Energy, implementing the energy upgrades recommended in a Home Energy Audit can save 5%-30% on your monthly energy bill!

Now that you have looked at the different areas of your home, you can see which projects are eligible for BayREN home upgrades.

How to Get Started: Single Family Homeowners

NOTE: Townhomes which have their own utility meters are typically treated by BayREN as single-family.  If in doubt as to whether your home would fall under BayREN's single-family or multi-family programs, please contact a BayREN representative.

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