For our community, kids, and collective futures, take action today for a sustainable tomorrow. Get started by joining the Cleaner Contra Costa Challenge!

Since April 2019, over 770 households have already joined the Challenge. Together, we’ve reduced our carbon footprint by over 182 tons of CO2 emissions so far.

This is just the beginning of the actions we need to take as a community in order to share a sustainable future. Will you be part of the trailblazing 1,000 households committed to making our community more sustainable by April 30, 2021?


Join us for the Fall/Winter Cleaner Contra Costa Challenge to take action with your friends, family, and neighbors. 

Get started today:

  • Join the Challenge at and invite your friends to discover this terrific local resource full of practical solutions.
  • Set up your profile to measure your current household footprint.
  • Explore the Action Steps to learn smart ways to save energy, water, and money. Start making progress and take part in making a difference.
  • Some big impact actions you can take include:
    • Buy or lease an electric vehicle
    • Choose green electricity
    • Install solar panels
    • Install an electric heat pump heater
    • Take the train or bus
    • Bike, walk, skateboard, or unicycle
    • Eat lower down the food chain
    • Reduce air travel
    • Upgrade your oven and stove to electric induction

Compete as an individual! The first 100 individuals to reach 5,000 points will receive a Tread Lightly Toolkit, which includes a reusable bamboo utensil set, a reusable stainless steel straw, and more!


Compete as part of a Clean Team! The top team in each region — East, Central, and West Contra Costa County — will be recognized by the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors and each team member* will receive a Tread Lightly Toolkit.

You can win a number of amazing prizes, including gift cards to Bill's Ace Hardware, Sloat Garden Center, and Sideboard Neighborhood Kitchen.Anyone who participates in the Challenge may also receive a free yard of mulch from EcoMulch. Pleasant Hill residents can also win composting bin to turn food scraps into nutrient-rich garden soil! 

Have questions? Check out our Cleaner CoCo FAQs. For more details and instructions to claim prizes, check out our Cleaner CoCo Challenge Prize Information.

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