Looking for something to do this summer? Check out the Summer Bike Challenge

The Summer Bike Challenge is a county-wide activity with prizes and fun events that lasts through August! To participate, visit 511 Contra Costa’s challenge website, register online and find your city’s gameboard!

The grand prize for joining the challenge is an iPad, but each participating city has its own "gameboard" of locations for you to bike to with their own activities and prizes! For example, on July 7, if you live in Brentwood, you can bike to the Brentwood Library for a free Jamba Juice gift card; or if you live in Pittsburgh, bike to Hillsdale Park! Once you have registered, you will also be sent Bonus Bike Challenges through email, and by replying with a selfie of you and your bike, you will be entered into a drawing for $20 Amazon gift cards.

The Summer Bike Challenge is a family-friendly activity—just make sure to take precautions while you’re on the road! Be sure to ring or call out when passing other bikers, use hand signals so drivers know where you’re headed, and obey traffic signals. Always be sure to ride on the right side of the road (with vehicle traffic, not against) and wear a helmet! 

Are you  interested in finding other cyclists involved in the challenge? Visit the #SummerBikeChallenge on 511 Contra Costa’s social media: Facebook/Twitter: @511cc, Instagram: @511contracosta.

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