Since May of this year, SCOCO has been conducting a large-scale, multi-faceted outreach program to familiarize Contra Costa businesses with energy efficiency programs available through East Bay Energy Watch (EBEW). EBEW, a local government partnership in Alameda and Contra Costa counties, runs energy efficiency programs for municipalities, homes, businesses, and nonprofits.

SCOCO’s role has been to educate businesses about the rebates and free energy audits available through EBEW’s SmartLights and BEST programs. Literally thousands of businesses and individuals have been contacted through a variety of methods, including:

 Conferences, Meetings and Community Events. SCOCO promoted EBEW’s energy efficiency programs at conferences such as the Sustainable Enterprise Conference (held October 27 in Pleasant Hill), the 2016 Leadership in Sustainability & Green Building Awards Gala (September 21, in Concord), and other events throughout the County that reached an estimated 200 businesses.

 Chambers of Commerce. SCOCO worked with approximately a half dozen Chambers of Commerce, variously attending mixers and meetings with members, and distributing EBEW information to members via newsletters and email blasts to members, ultimately reaching approximately a thousand businesses.

 Local Newspapers. Articles promoting EBEW were placed in Alamo Today, Lafayette Today and Danville Today, reaching a total circulation of approximately 35,000.

 Mass mailings and fliers. SCOCO worked closely with the Contra Costa County Department of Conservation to send out letters and fliers to more than 5,000 businesses throughout the County.

 Direct, Door-to- Door Outreach. SCOCO Volunteers visited more than 350 businesses. The objective of the outreach program has been to acquaint businesses with the incentives being offered through EBEW to reduce costs and improve energy efficiency by replacing older appliances, lighting and refrigeration systems with the latest technologies. To participate, businesses sign up for no-obligation energy audits that identify where savings can be realized. If a business proceeds with the retrofit, anywhere from 50% to 100% of the costs will be covered by rebates.

While SCOCO’s 2016 outreach efforts are winding down, there’s still time for interested businesses to sign up! For further information or to schedule a no-obligation energy audit, please contact Doug Bleakly at

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