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More and more the conversation is not about if climate change is happening – it is what can we do about it. This is a subtle but important shift. More people are realizing we need to change our behaviors and many people wonder how can they help. You have likely started making changes in your own homes and lifestyles.

One way we can help others is to lead by example. We can’t make people change but we can inspire change by demonstrating the positive actions we have taken and sharing the benefits these changes have had on our lives. These changes can be large or small. Small positive changes multiplied by many will have a significant impact. Consider the ripple effect across communities, our nation, and our planet.

Let’s start here! Post a reply below and share the top 3 changes you have made that you feel are contributing to a more sustainable future. Maybe you have reduced your carbon footprint by reducing single use plastic, purchased a hybrid or electric vehicle, or e-bike. Have you started shopping at the local farmer's market, or replaced your lawn with native plants or taken time to write a letter? (NOTE: You'll need to join the SCOCO Network to post a comment, but it's fast, free and easy!)

There are so many things we can do. Share your contributing changes in the reply. Change begins with us and we can lead from where we are.

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