Game-Day Green Goddess Veggie Dip

-1 medium Hass Avocado, sliced

-1 C. lowfat Greek Yogurt, plain

-4 T. grated Parmesan Cheese (canned is just fine)

-1 tsp. sea salt or 3/4 tsp. regular table salt

-1/2 tsp. black pepper

-1 tsp. garlic powder

-1 tsp. onion powder

-1 tsp. dried parsley

-2 T. fresh dill, roughly chopped

Add the spices and herbs to a mini food processor and pulse until they are finely ground.  Add in the avocado and yogurt, and pulse until the mixture is smooth.  Taste and adjust salt and pepper if desired.  Use as a dressing or dip for anything you like!  16 calories per Tablespoon.

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