Fun with Holiday LED Lights

In this holiday season, consider having some fun with LED lights.

We know that LED lights are 5 times more efficient than incandescent lights and will last 25,000 to 50,000 hours. The electronic control of LED lights offers additional features that let lighting designers create some fun features in decorating. The control can do dimming light, morphing, color changing, light chasing. Dimming LED lights change the amount of power sent to the diodes, sending less for dim light and more for bright light. Morphing LED lights slowly fade between different colors, and color changes flash from red to green. Chasing LED strings turn a few LEDs on in sequence that can be used to simulate the appearance of falling snow in icicles. Combinations of these features are also possible. These are hard to achieve things using other lighting technologies. The LED lights can also be put inside a narrow tube to allow you make twists and turns for interesting displays.

Some other advantages of LED holiday lights over incandescent lights: bulbs do not burn out, plastic construction without glass avoids breakage, bulbs less likely to be damaged while being put up or in storage, strings are water tight for use safely both indoor and outdoor.

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