When you see Fairtrade certified products in stores, do you wonder what this means and if you should buy the product?


In general, when we buy Fairtrade products, we are helping support local farmers who are mainly located in developing countries. The companies that are making Fairtrade products typically pay higher prices to local farmers prices, and by working directly with local farmers, FT companies can cut out middle-men who may unfairly profit off small local farmers. Many FT companies also support the protection of the natural environment in the areas their farmers live.

So when you are shopping, and have the option of buying a Fairtrade product, in general, by choosing Fairtrade, you are supporting small farmers in developing countries, and may also be helping to save wildlands, such as the Amazon rainforest. But also keep in mind that other products that are not Fairtrade certified may also be supportive of local farmers and the environment. Its best to shop smart and research products that you are considering buying.


I also highly encourage everyone to buy organic. Our conventional foods now contain record amounts of toxic chemicals, such as Glyphosate, the main ingredient in Roundup. The more people who buy organic, the more we move the agricultural industry towards healthier foods and less chemicals in our foods and the environment.

In conclusion, buy Fairtrade and organic. You will be eating healthier foods, supporting small farmers and helping the environment.

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