Would anyone like 50 - 100 of these brilliantly designed board games?

Unfortunately, I do not have the time to market/sell the remaining games.

Probably the most innovative, educational and fun sustainability strategy board game on the planet! 

Based on Hawaii, the least sustainable state in the union. Players are venture capitalists investing in green businesses to help Hawaii become more sustainable. Winner has the best triple bottom line.

“In one fell swoop, this game makes sustainability fun, accessible, and alluring. With the interplay of current sustainability trends in impact investment, public policy, random events based on real life, and actionable green business strategies, players will never know they’re learning, but they will come away with a savviness that will help them thrive in the new economy.”                  - Brian Back, Founder, Sustainable Industries Magazine

Please contact Kim Ryle at 510.427.6935 for details ASAP.

Please take a minimum of 50 games. 

Help keep them from ending up in the landfill - which would be a terrible shame. 


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