Hi! I just published a blog post on the BayFriendly Blog, I'd love to share it with you. This is about the impact of conventional lawn chemicals used throughout the Bay Area. They are associated with many conditions we don't want to see in ourselves, our children or our pets.


I heard keynote speaker Paul Tukey (www.safelawns.org) at the 2012 EcoLandscape California Conference a couple weeks ago, and was inspired to write.

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Jillian Steinberger

The Garden Artisan


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  • Thank you Jillian for the great information.  I'm so glad I got rid of the lawn at my house years ago, and there are so many good reasons to do it!  

    A local grassroots group, Parents for a Safer Environment, works with local government and schools to adopt Integrated Pest Management (IPM) policies that work towards reducing these preventable chemical exposures to protect our families, wildlife and natural resources.


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