Spring is on the horizon! Was this winter particularly ravaging on your landscaping? Did you add "replace dead plants or grass" to your to-do list?

As you're considering plant and landscaping options to revive your yard this spring, make smart choices! Native and drought-tolerant plants are adapted to our climate and more likely to survive and thrive in the growing conditions in Contra Costa County (yes, even the occasional heavy rains during the winter!). Check out these local nurseries, including ones specializing in California native plants. Get ideas from the Bringing Back the Natives Plant Tour coming up this spring!
Got a lawn? Although your grass may have been revived with the winter rains (or perhaps the grass-like weeds have come back), grass requires a lot of water year-round, which isn't suitable in our Mediterranean climate. The local water agencies provide generous rebates to homeowners who replace their lawns with gardens, in addition to providing landscape design assistance, plant selection recommendations, and more. The state also has a rebate program that you can apply for on top of the local agency's rebates!
(Photo is of a completed Lawn Conversion project in Walnut Creek, from CCWD website)

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