8095751465?profile=originalHave you heard of the Plastic Free July challenge?  It is a global challenge aiming to reduce society’s demand for disposable plastics by encouraging people to decline single-use plastics such as plastic grocery bags, straws, and packaging.  According to Plastic Free July, approximately 60,000 people participated in the challenge worldwide this year.


It’s called a challenge for good reason – disposable plastics can be hard to avoid!  It can take some time getting used to thinking of what you may need before heading out the door, but eventually it becomes a habit.  What helped me was keeping these five items on hand (in my car or in my bag): Stainless steel water bottle, insulated travel mug, reusable bag, metal fork, and Tupperware.


8095751486?profile=originalWhen eating out a restaurant, remember to say no straw when placing a drink order (even if it’s just water).  Bring a reusable container if you think you may have leftovers, and just in case the restaurant uses disposable silverware - bring a fork with you!  I'd say the hardest thing to avoid is plastic packaging waste, but buying local food from the farmer's market is a good start.  


One month of participation makes a difference, but once you get started it is just as easy to continue the challenge into August, September, October… the whole year!  Thinking of going plastic free?  Check out the Plastic Free July website for some great tips.  Plus, if you know of any great plastic-free alternatives (for dental floss, etc.), please let us know in the comments section!

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