Maybe you’ve been thinking about saying farewell to pesticides and fertilizers for a couple of years now, or perhaps you’ve never really giving the idea a lot of thought. Either way, 2016 is the year to do it!

Synthetic gardening inputs — including pesticides and fertilizers — wreak havoc on the environment, and these impacts go beyond one person’s backyard vegetable garden. Such inputs have been linked to neurological and reproductive disorders, water pollution that endangers aquatic life, and decreased biodiversity due to a lack of discrimination between harmful and beneficial creatures.

They’re not only costly for public health and the environment, but they can also put a strain on your wallet. Opting for a more organic approach — such as integrated pest management, natural pest and weed control, and the use of compost — will make your garden healthier and your bank account happier!

To learn more about how to make the switch to a more organic and healthier garden, don’t miss our upcoming workshop! Superstar gardener Marian Woodard will be sharing her best tips in “Healthy Gardening in Harmony with Nature” on January 16 in Pittsburg. Space is limited, so sign up now!

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