A Greener Holiday Season


The holiday season is fast approaching, and with that comes the challenge of managing an excess of everything -- delectable foods, late-night parties, commercialism and the pressure to over-spend on perfect gifts for friends and family. Unfortunately, the fall-out of all this largesse is an excess of waste and things we don’t need, not only those few extra pounds, but piles of wrapping paper, single-use decorations, and uninspired gifts that go unused or directly to landfill.

Why not go the sustainable route this holiday season and consider gifts and decorations that are both eco-friendly and welcome? To help get you get started in this venture as well as get you in the mood for the holidays before the onslaught, check out a brand-new workshop called “Green Your Holidays” on October 18. Join us as we play with ideas for mindful, earth-friendly gift-giving and creative methods for boxing and wrapping gifts without being wasteful. This fun and festive workshop is perfectly timed for the holiday season. To register, go HERE

Here are a few reminders for sustainable holidays (or anytime): 

Give recipients consumable gifts that don’t create long-term clutter.

For an extra special touch, give edible gifts you make yourself. Mason jars with layered dry ingredients (e.g. for a cookie recipe) look cool, and you can attach the recipe on the back of a recycled holiday card.

Use gift bags instead of wrapping paper so they can be used over and over.

Recycle old maps, posters, magazine pages, or comic strip papers to use as wrapping paper.

Pack fragile items with plain popped popcorn instead of those Styrofoam peanuts.

Make decorations out of branches, leaves, pine cones and berries from your own yard and compost them later.

Shop locally. Consider buying vintage gifts.

Buy friends and family gift certificates for local museums, shows, movies, concerts, restaurants, etc.

Don’t forget your tote bags when shopping so you can avoid purchasing plastic ones.

Remember to request “No straw please” when dining out, going through drive-thrus, or picking up coffee.



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