A call for warm bodies

Dear Sustainable Activists,


Walnut Creek's Park, Recreation and Outdoor Space Commission is aware of Danville's Park and Recreation Commission's proposal to ban outdoor cigarette smoke at City owned outdoor areas which is to be voted on by their City Council in the Spring.  


As an effort to educate and advocate to WC's PROS Commission, we are asking for as many warm bodies as possible to show up at their next Commission meeting to be held at WC's Council Chambers, City Hall on Monday February 7th at 7pm.  There's strength in numbers!


The WC commission is wanting to know what inspired the Danville Commission to move in this direction.  We intend to advise them.


Other speakers to speak during the public comment period will be those from the Tobacco Prevention Coalition, American Lung Association, myself and anyone else that would like to weigh in.


It's important that we all support each other in our local sustainable efforts and we should all know that second hand smoke detracts from a sustainable environment and quality of life.


Thank you and we love to see you there.



Co-Founder Sustainable Contra Costa

Co-Founder Sustainable Walnut Creek







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