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Love the soil.

Structural crust is formed from water drop impact. If there is sufficient organic matter on the soil surface, the impact of rain will be lessened and soil structure, microbiology and porosity will be maintained.

It takes time for disrupted soils to become fully active in diverse microbial populations. Organic matter on the soil surface will encourage microbiological activity. Dropped leaves, for example, are ideal mulch over the…

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Nov 23-24, 2010 / Freeze warning North and East Bay

These are the tough freeze warnings – just when everything is soaked with rain. A few precautionary tactics:…


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Aphids? Some natural solutions.

The aphids and (their many relatives) are busy at this time of year, as our roses and other blossoms begin to emerge. This Thursday, I will release 5,000 lacewing larva – the babies are insect eating machines – and the lacewing is one of those amazing ‘good guys’ for our gardens (along with the Soldier bug, Lady bug, Predatory wasps...). We also must understand that aphids are food for these beneficial insects - so we DO NOT want to use…


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Mycorrhizae the Magnificent

I nudged through a debris pile in my garden. It contained begonia rootballs that I had pulled from a site after the last hard frost. Observing the new leaves on what had appeared completely dead plant matter was another opportunity for learning - begonias are toughies. As I unearthed the begonias…


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