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Want A Warm Floor? Air-seal And Insulate It

A friend of mine recently had some renovation done for her one-story house, including replacing the flooring.

The energy-conscious contractor sealed the perimeter of the concrete slab to cut off any air from infiltrating... Read more

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Sun Drying Clothes – Beyond Saving Energy

Often I have read or heard environmentalist or energy conscious individuals saying to dry their clothes naturally with the sun because it saves energy. This is indeed true.

In fact, the sun’s benefit goes much beyond saving energy. The ultraviolet radiation from the sun kills germs very effectively and removes odor. No wonder people talk about the “fresh” smell of sun dried clothes.

Researchers have found that clothes carry more germs today than before, in part due to the…


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More Water Conservation Products Making Their Way to Homes

Last week I attended the PCBC Exhibition in San Francisco. This year there are more exhibitors and attendees than last year, which is good. Many products have been shown before, but two caught my eyes as particularly useful to help conserve water.

The first product was the Rainbird subsurface drip irrigation system for lawns and other landscaping purposes. They’ve been around for a few years but I just paid more attention to it this year. It’s a small tube with small holes and…


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Make Renewable Energy Systems Count

Distributed renewable generation systems such as solar electric and solar hot water systems are great ways to get clean energy. The price of these systems, in particular solar electric systems, has come down in prices so much in recent years that homeowners may want to consider installing them.

While the energy generated is clean, the manufacturing process and disposal of renewable systems, however, still have environmental implications.…


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Solar PV: Costs and Financing Options

The Solar Event, sponsored by the City of San Ramon and Sustainable San Ramon had a very good turnout at the San Ramon Community Center on June 5, 2012. The presentation of the event, targeted for the homeowner audience, focused on current information about costs of solar electric (also called solar photovoltaic or solar PV for short) system installations and financing options. It was intended to help homeowners decide if this is the time to get onto the freight...Read more…


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10 Steps To Off-Grid With Solar PV Panels

A blog post by Glenn Forslin

This is like rehab, getting off of the power grid, but its not a 12-step to recovery – it’s only a 10-step toward power independence.

  1. Determine your historical energy use from your past electric bills. Pay attention to the difference between summer and winter power usage.
  2. Determine your roof area available for photovoltaic panels. the panels mounted on your roof or ground contain the photovoltaic (PV) cells which convert sunlight into…

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4 Tips for a Low Budget Green Kitchen Remodel

Reuse is the gold standard in green remodeling. It saves you money while applying sustainable practices.

Kitchen is the most used area in a home. They do get worn out after years of use. If your kitchen still functional, you may want to consider these 4 easy steps to give your kitchen a new look.

Paint cabinets with zero or low VOC (volatile organic compound) paint...

Read more,…


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Can You Afford Not To Have A Solar PV System

Solar photovoltaic (PV) technology has gained worldwide popularity in recent years. Many products are available on the market. Prices have come down. There are still federal and state incentives for solar PV installations.

Solar PV systems offer great money and energy savings opportunities. Nevertheless, solar PV systems are still big-ticket items. The good news is that there are many different ways to pay for the energy generated by solar PV systems at your…


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Energy Efficiency Rises from the Ashes

A Moraga resident described how he made his house energy efficient after his house burned down.

"My story started six years ago in Moraga, California. All was well. The kids were out of the house, two on their own and one in college. Work was good. All the saving and planning was paying off. We had saved enough to do the kitchen remodel that we planned years for. With me doing the demolition, we had just enough to build our dream kitchen. We wanted to make it energy efficient…


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Conservation Comes With Comfort

A couple of months ago, I visited an early adopter of green remodeling in the Bay Area. She has been making changes to her home since over a decade ago, before energy efficiency gets on the minds of most people.

Drought tolerant plants with mulch in front yard
Drought tolerant plants with mulch in front yard…

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19 Plants That Can Clean Air In Your Home

A research program in the 1980′s by NASA to keep air fresh in space stations helped discover the role of house plants on indoor air quality. It is well known that plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen through the photosynthesis process. The research showed that many house plants which require low light, also absorb cigarette smoke, benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene, and lower airborne microbial level.…


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New Blog at Green Remodel Forum

Green Remodel Forum has recently started a blog on the website.  The first post is about a green remodel project in Pleasant Hill.  The owner, Cathy Terry, is keen to take all green measures.  Her timing is also perfect to take advantage of the Energy Upgrade California (EUC) program, which offers up to $4000 in rebates for home energy efficiency improvements.

Some of the most frequently overlooked areas of heat leakage in a house are the small gaps between wall boards, ceiling…


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