It's been a month now since we started our booth at the Thursday night Farmer's Market!  It really has been fun sharing sustainable solutions with people there.  The bag exchange has been very successful and we have traded a few hundred reusable bags for single-use plastics - they are so much better for so many reasons!  Coming soon - more recycle bins around the market because many recyclables are being thrown away.  Does anyone have other ideas/suggestions?

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Cynthia, that's a great idea! I never thought of it and wonder how much of that there is. I know the Lemon Lady picks up usable produce at the end of the market and takes it to food banks.
Next year I would like to see us tackle the issue of styrofoam being used by the vendors. Have we been using the display that I made on alternatives? I guess our first step would be to educate the vendors.
According to the market manager, the vendors are not supposed to be using styrofoam products, but some still are. Last week we spoke with one of them, who said they were only using it because they ran out of the compostable containers but would try to have more on hand in the future. They did say they would be interested in more sources for the containers, so that is a resource list we will work on - biocompostables(.com) are available at Whole Foods Markets and we have asked (and they agreed) Smart & Final to increase their inventory of compostable containers (they do have plates, etc.) so we can refer vendors to them. The take-out container display board is very informative!
Visit us at the SCOCO Green Booth at this Thursday's Music and Market (4-8 pm at Todos Santos) and check out our great selection of produce bags. Made locally from USA materials, they are a great alternative to single use plastic bags!


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