I am new to the network and hope to gain some insight into a process that I am, potentially, about to embark.

I am an intern architect and work at an Architecture firm in Brentwood. I will be pitching an idea for a company-run garden onsite, soon. It will culminate in an annual design competition to design/build a farm stand to sell produce for a good cause. The stand itself would be placed either onsite or at the Brentwood Farmer's Market while the garden will be grown on a vacant lot next to my office (that my boss owns). My hope is to engage my coworkers in a healthy extra-curricular as well as bring attention to the intersection of architecture and urban agriculture on a more social scale.

Does anyone have any experience with any part of this? I am not an exceptional gardener but I am passionate about the ideas I want to reinforce with this project. My goal here is to be better prepared for leading this endeavor.



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