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Avoiding the Microbead: DIY Face Scrubs and Washes

Have you heard about microbeads?  They are tiny beads made of plastic that can be found in some face washes and even some toothpastes. Unfortunately, microbeads are small enough that they can pass through water treatment plants and end up in our waterways, where they easily absorb pollutants.  Marine organisms may mistake microbeads for food, which…


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Look Who's Taking Action: Urban Tilth

It is pretty cool to be able to go out to your garden and pick fresh vegetables to include in your lunch or dinner.  However, not everyone has the ability to grow their own food, and some areas may lack fresh produce in their grocery stores.  To improve access to fresh vegetables in more communities, dedicated…


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Sharing Rides—Getaround, Spinlister, Zipcar

If you have a car or bike (or need one) and you are ready to embrace the “sharing economy”, there are various sites that make it easy to do so.  Zipcar and Getaround are avenues for car sharing, while Spinlister is a sharing platform for bikes, snowboards,  and skis.   If you are looking to share peer-to-peer, then explore Getaround and Spinlister.  Zipcar…


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Fun Outdoor Activities in Contra Costa County

Looking for fun, local outdoor activities this winter?  There are many opportunities in Contra Costa County to get outdoors and enjoy what our beautiful cities have to offer.  Whether it’s a race, kayaking trip, or a community cleanup event, it will feel great to get out there and do something!  Check out the list below…


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Green Building and Sustainable Living

Do you want to substantially reduce your environmental impact and improve the value and comfort of your home?

Through green building, people can reduce energy and water use, save resources, and ultimately improve indoor air quality in their homes and businesses. Green building incorporates a “whole home approach”, as every aspect of the building will be considered, including:

• Site design (e.g. efficient use of space and natural landscaping)

• Water and energy-use…


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