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Top ten CSA delivery vendors in the East Bay

Folks in the East Bay are busy and even though they want to eat organic

and local, may not have time to stop at a Community Supported

Agriculture (CSA) farm or Farmers' Market for their weekly purchase of

fruits and vegetables. What's the solution? Direct delivery of affordable CSA farm products to drop-off points in your neighborhood!… Continue

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Patrice Hanlon, Garden Manager at Heather Farm

Patrice Hanlon has a gardener's dream job: Garden Manager of The Gardens at Heather Farm (GHF) in Walnut Creek. Before you swoon with envy, realize she is the only paid gardener on site with responsibility for 3.5 acres of developed land containing 24 demonstration gardens and learning sites. That's a lot of digging, planting, and weeding! Of course Patrice has help: a large group of volunteers who propagate plants and work… Continue

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Common Ground's 4th annual Edible Landscaping Tour

Common Ground, the affiliate of Ecology Action, has announced its 4th annual Edible Landscaping Tour for Saturday, July 24th, 2010 from 11am - 4pm. Participants on the self-guided tour will visit ten beautiful gardens with edible, organic landscapes plus tour the Common… Continue

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East Bay MUD dry-climate plant book a "must" for sustainable gardeners

Their name may be Mud, but East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD)

has created a beautiful and informative reference for gardeners tending

their beds in the hills and flats of the East Bay's climate-diverse

communities. The book, Plants and Landscapes for Summer-Dry Climates of the San Francisco Bay Region,

should be the "bible" on the shelf of every gardener who wants a lush,

eye-pleasing garden without compromising his or her commitment… Continue

Added by Carol Rossi on June 2, 2010 at 3:36pm — 1 Comment

Local Harvest: an online resource for organic food

Local Harvest

is a fantastic online resource for all things organic, not just for

East Bay folks, but for organic food fans across the country! The

Local Harvest virtual store offers 7,954 products from

family farmers who focus on selling fresh organic products direct to

their local communities or via mail order to the far flung… Continue

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Community Supported Agriculture in the East Bay

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) has become a popular way for people interested in "eating local"

to buy fresh, seasonal food direct from a farmer in their area.

Typically the farmer sells a fixed number of "shares" to members of the

community who "subscribe" in the program. Shareholders are then

entitled to a box of fruit, vegetables, or other farm products each

week throughout the growing season. The boxes are picked up at the

farm so you… Continue

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What is a radiant barrier?

Think of aluminum foil on the underside of your roof. Yes, aluminum radiant barriers are the unsung hero of energy savings. In new homes or remodels you put it on the roof sheathing (underlayment) before the roofing material goes on. There are also ways to retrofit your existing roof. Here are some interesting facts first.

  • Install as sheet or laminate to OSB decking (OSB is Oriented Strand Board-now used instead of plywood in many cases)
  • Blocks 90%+ of roof deck radiant…

Added by Nelda H Braver on May 24, 2010 at 10:54am — No Comments

Insulation - A Cozy Jacket for Your Home

You can think of insulation is a warm and cozy jacket for your home. Why insulate your home? Of course it saves on your energy bill but how?

  • It slows conductive heat
  • It stops convective heat and currents in the air of your home
  • It reduces radiant heat
  • It reduces noise
  • It must be perfectly installed. If not you have massive losses in its value.

So what kind of insulation is best and how "green" is it?

Here are a few things to… Continue

Added by Nelda H Braver on May 20, 2010 at 9:17am — 3 Comments

Why are organic mattresses and bedding safer for your brain cells. Why its essential for a baby to be protected.

Why choose ORGANIC mattresses and bedding?…


Added by daliya robson on May 10, 2010 at 2:00pm — No Comments

Look Out For Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde and your lack of well being,…


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Be Careful of New Carpets -- They Can Make You Sick

New Carpeting and dangerous chemical fumes.

Adhesives 4-PC (4-phenylcyclohexene) and many chemicals such as Styrene come from SB latex backing and create the fumes associated with regular new carpets. These…


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What We Need To Know About Sun Screen, Hair Spray and Other Cosmetics in Pools and Air

Sun -screen and other toxic chemicals

What's in sun tan lotions, sun-screen ,hair spray and other cosmetics used before coming to the swimming pool. There should be a debate if these chemicals should be allowed at all in our swimming water or in

the air we breathe. It would be a great consideration if we could have a

chemical free zone at the pool



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Greening Our Community Would Improve Our Asthma, Migraines, and Fatigue


Consider checking your health symptoms and consider how you would be without these…


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Chemical Free and Nontoxic Alternatives

Please share this information in schools and in kindergardents and at work as kids and parents are both less effectve while using toxic fragranced products in clothing and as personal cosmetics .



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Need Hand Tools for San Ramon Valley High School

San Ramon Valley High School has brought back to life an atrium in the administration building and has a plan to build a green house and gardens on the campus. We are in need of some hand tools. If you have some hand tools laying around that you are not using and are willing to donate them to the high school, please contact me at Specific tools we…


Added by Andrew Gardner on May 7, 2010 at 1:11pm — 1 Comment

Before You Go Solar-Seal the Leaks

Everyone wants to "Go Solar". Before you go solar you need to seal up the leaks in your home and have healthy, controlled air coming into your home not leaking from a dusty attic or moist crawl space. Going solar without fixing the leaks is like having a hole in your gas tank and saying, "Oh I guess I will fill the gas tank with bio-fuel". You are still leaking gas.

Where is air leaking?

31% - Floors, walls and ceiling

15% - Ducts

14% - Fireplace

13% -… Continue

Added by Nelda H Braver on May 4, 2010 at 2:05pm — 2 Comments

Aphids? Some natural solutions.

The aphids and (their many relatives) are busy at this time of year, as our roses and other blossoms begin to emerge. This Thursday, I will release 5,000 lacewing larva – the babies are insect eating machines – and the lacewing is one of those amazing ‘good guys’ for our gardens (along with the Soldier bug, Lady bug, Predatory wasps...). We also must understand that aphids are food for these beneficial insects - so we DO NOT want to use…


Added by Jae Koenig on April 21, 2010 at 12:06pm — 1 Comment

Mycorrhizae the Magnificent

I nudged through a debris pile in my garden. It contained begonia rootballs that I had pulled from a site after the last hard frost. Observing the new leaves on what had appeared completely dead plant matter was another opportunity for learning - begonias are toughies. As I unearthed the begonias…


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A Link to My "Day to Day Green" Blog

Hi everyone,

As I am in charge of all things environmental for the Mt. Diablo Unified School District, I found that one of the best ways to communicate was with a blog. Since I already host and maintain that system, I feel that a link from here will be better for me as I try to update that system with interesting news and information every day. I also maintain a forum within that blog specifically for programs and mechanisms to aid the school district with environmentally beneficial… Continue

Added by Brad Hunter on March 27, 2010 at 4:09pm — 8 Comments

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