In order for the City to take action, they need to hear from the public! We need to let our City Council know that the public wants our city to join several others in opting up its municipal electricity accounts to 100% renewable energy. It sets an important example to citizens, AND it's also the cheapest way the City can keep on track to meet its Climate Action Plan GHG emissions reduction goal. 

All the cities in Marin County have opted up, as have Lafayette, El Cerrito, and Richmond in Contra Costa. Last I heard, opting up ALL the municipal accounts would cost around $60,000. I'll verify that with Cara. It's 1 cent per kWh to opt up. 

The meeting starts at 6 pm but the Public Comments is often 3rd on the agenda after Honors and Approval of the minutes. 

Next best for those that cannot be present on Nov 7th, is writing a letter to be distributed to all the council members c/o

Our City Council will discuss this issue at their Retreat on Nov 14th so this is the time to speak up. 

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