The following is a process for grounding and natural renewal provided by Amy Erez of Sugi Health. Amy will be co-presenting a workshop with Sustainable Contra Costa "Living In Sync With Nature" on April 1st. More information and registration is here.

As human beings we are a species that has an enormous capacity to adapt during times of change. The process of developing human societies has resulted in self-imposed restrictions on our relationship to the natural world. The continuous consumption of the resources of the planet has done great damage to the natural balance. We are also in the midst of the ending of an era on the planet.

All of this has led to tumultuous experiences both in our internal and external lives. Our human societies are not very effective at passing along the knowledge of how to maintain balance between our physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual experiences in life. During tumultuous times in life, like we’re living in now, it is easy to become frightened and overwhelmed. It is relevant to understand how to monitor all of these parts of our selves. In order to “stay grounded and present” during these times of huge change, there are a wide variety of tools to utilize. Try this on a daily basis and see what happens for you!

Step one: Go outside to an area that is as full of life-giving plants as you have available to you.

Step two: Stand or sit comfortably (be truly comfortable, make adjustments if you are telling yourself “I can tolerate this little pain for a few minutes”). Close your eyes. Take three deep breaths.

Step three: Open yourself to your surroundings. Use all of your senses to perceive – Feel the sun or shadows on your face and skin; listen to the sounds (allow the natural sounds and the man-made sounds to wind around, in and through you without judging one as better than the other); fill your nostrils with the aromas in the environment.

Step four: Slowly open your eyes and gaze all around you, slowly taking in the different expressions of life surrounding you. Notice the large trees, small plants, tiny bugs, the beginnings of spring.

Step five: Allow yourself to reach out and touch gently that which calls you to make intimate contact. Take in the communication you receive. Be fully present.

Sometimes an experience like this will stimulate an outpouring of emotion – joy and sadness can both appear. That’s okay. Simply allow whatever feeling arises to move through you. On the other side is peace.

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