While we are thinking about where to spend our money that has the most benefit and the least harmful impact on the global environment, we might consider another question: 

Do I need to buy this at all?

The "post-consumer" movement is gaining steam as people take stock of what is really enough in their lives, and re-evaluate how much they need to buy. The energy and resources needed to create and transport all the things we buy is considerable, and simply reducing our overall consumption can have a powerful impact. 

We have all heard about "retail therapy", and may feel that buying things makes us happier, but research shows this is not true, at least in any long-term way that matters. So beyond reducing our impact on the planet, focusing on experiences rather than products actually can increase our well-being and produce a deeper sense of happiness.

A few ideas to help you get started: 

Check out www.postconsumers.com and in particular their handy guide to help you "Buy Less, Live More".

Read Marie Kondo's books, which remind us to hold on only to those things which "spark joy".

Sign up for SCOCO's workshop: Home In Harmony: Living With Less Stuff, coming in May.

Let us know how how it's going in your efforts to be satisfied with enough!


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Great points, Tyler. I have put some of this into action and feel better already. I honestly don't miss the stuff I purge. Simplicity is freeing!

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