HELP: Attempting to start a company garden in Brentwood...


I am new to the network and hope to gain some insight into a process that I am, potentially, about to embark.

I am an intern architect and work at an Architecture firm in Brentwood. I will be pitching an idea for a company-run garden onsite, soon. It will culminate in an annual design competition to design/build a farm stand to sell produce for a good cause. The stand itself would be placed either onsite or at the Brentwood Farmer's Market while the garden will be grown on a vacant lot next to my office (that my boss owns). My hope is to engage my coworkers in a healthy extra-curricular as well as bring attention to the intersection of architecture and urban agriculture on a more social scale.

Does anyone have any experience with any part of this? I am not an exceptional gardener but I am passionate about the ideas I want to reinforce with this project. My goal here is to be better prepared for leading this endeavor.



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Hi Sam, 

We have learned about some others starting company gardens through the Sustainable Contra Costa Awards. One that comes to mine is Calicraft Brewery. Their garden is at Calicraft in Shadelands. I can connect you with someone there who may have useful information for you. We also have information on all the community gardens if you're interested.  Have you spoken to the Master Gardeners? 


By the way, what a cool project! Stick with it and share your progress with us! 

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